The Benefits of Outdoor Time for Mum and Child

Mar 10

The Benefits of Outdoor Time for Mum and Child

As parents, sometimes we run out of ideas for what to do with our children to spend time with them.

It can be difficult to think of ideas for things to do to entertain them while educating them at the same time.

Sometimes, entertaining children does not always go hand in hand with educating them and teaching them new things. I have learned that some days it’s better to just let them play, to allow them to run around and work off their energies.

Just like some days we really want to just veg out and stop using our minds in order to relax.


Play is a healthy part of a kid’s childhood and is integral to their development after all.

To let our children play, sometimes me and the other mums take them to the park near us as Stukeleys Parish Council recently installed a junior play area  that we thought the children would really enjoy. And of course we were right!

The kids love running around and playing on the equipment since it’s designed for kids. Sometimes my children tell me that the kids like to imagine they’re playing on a castle.

More Outdoor Play Ideas

It works well for me since while the children play, us adults love catching up and chatting with each other.

Since we realized how good the park and the playground is not only for the kids but for the mums, my girl friends and I have started planning a monthly picnic so that all of us can enjoy each others’ company.

While the kids play and pretend to be princes and princesses, the mums get some ‘me’ time or some time with friends.

And then while the children play, the adults find ways to stay entertained. It’s really lovely as we are finally able to catch up on some juicy gossip.

I still like to take my children to the park even on days when my friends and I have nothing specific planned. This is because there are so many good things about letting the children play outside.

It’s very much a joy knowing that while mum catches up on her reading (while still keeping a constant eye on the kids of course), the children get to enjoy all the benefits of outdoor play.

Here are just some of those benefits:

- Vitamin D coming straight from the source: the sun. How can you not want the children to soak up this healthy vitamin? Of course choose to visit the park before 10 am and after 3pm, so you can avoid the sun when it’s at its

- Socialisation. It’s likely that there are other children in the park for your child to make friends with.

- Exercise. Need I say more?

- Improved immune system. Exposure to the elements and to bacteria allows your child to develop the necessary antibodies to ward off infection.

Of course it’s still not a good idea to let a child put whatever they want to in their mouths, that’s still quite a no no.

Of course there are many more benefits, those are just some of them.

All I know is I’m going to keep going to the park with my children, maybe you should too.

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